Why You Have to Have a Portable Gazebo

Published: 05th October 2010
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Before I start telling you why it is a must for you to own a portable gazebo, let me just tell you a little experience of mine that made me decide that portable gazebos is a must-have for every home. You see I am a garden lover and so every now and then, I would visit places or a friendís house with nice gardens, trees, and well-maintained lawns. It was during these times that I was on my way to meet a client. Since I arrived 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled appointment , I decided to take a little walk and happen to pass by a nice and well-manicured lawn. The owner happen to be there and told me the garden was purposely built as it is, to serve as a model for their landscaping services. I decided to look around the wide garden and just as I was about to leave for my appointment, heavy rains pour down. I tried to look for a shelter but there is none. I noticed there was no other choice but to go back the way I came from. I was soaking wet that I decided to call my client and told her if we could reschedule the appointment at another time because of the situation. In the end, I lost my client and a very good business. And when I think back about that experience, it always made me say Ė if only there was a shelter or a gazebo nearby.

The experience I had made me realize that gazebos particularly the portable ones are very important in every home. These days portable gazebos serves as a shelter especially on a hot weather. It is now being used in weddings as an added touch of elegance. Parents who have kids in their homes are getting portable gazebos placed on their yard as an added protection for the hot weather and occassional downpour. Even people hosting parties at their home make use of portable gazebos. A garden is not complete without a portable gazebo nearby which will shelter you while you are taking a cup of coffee and at the same time enjoying a magnificent view. Even local vendors are also resorting to the use of portable gazebos.

The nice thing about portable gazebos is that because it is portable you can easily move it from one place to another. If you choose to keep it, you can simply take it down and assemble it again if you feel the need to. It is also very light and hassle-free to set up. So with all that said, there is no reason why you canít buy a portable gazebo for your home. After all, I donít see any disadvantage having to own one for yourself.

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